John Mc Caskie - 37. L.Harrison, N.Martyak, M.McNeil, J.E.McCaskie, "Electroless Nickel Plating of Aluminum Connectors", Proc. EN "95 Conf.  Cincinnati, OH. May 1995. 38

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 37. L.Harrison, N.Martyak, M.McNeil,   J.E.McCaskie, "Electroless Nickel Plating of Aluminum   Connectors", Proc. EN "95 Conf. Cincinnati, OH. May 1995. 38.   N.Martyak, L.Harrison, J.E.McCaskie, W.Richtering, "Chemische   Vernicklung von Aluminumkontakten"( Electroless Nickel Plating of   Aluminum Connectors), Proc. DGO Conf. Friedrichshafen, Germany   Sept. 1995. 39. N.Martyak, J.E.McCaskie, R.J.Nichols,   "Characterization of Electrodeposited Zinc Coatings", Proc. AESF   SURFIN 94, Indianapolis,IN.(1994). 40. L.Harrison, N.Martyak,   J.McCaskie, M.McNeil, R.Schulz, H.Smith, "Plated aluminum wheel   characterization" Metal Finishing, 92(12) 11-13, 15-16, (1994).   41. K.Szameitat, J.E.McCaskie, "Korrosions und   Verschleisseigenschaften von Chromschichten aus einem   Hochleistungsprozess ohne Materialangriff" (Corrosion and Wear   Properties of Chromium Deposits from a High speed process without   Substrate Corrosion), Proc. DGO Conf., Friedrichrhoda, Germany,   Sept. 1993. 42. R.Schumacher, J.E.McCaskie, "The Application of   In-Situ Techniques for Plating Solution Process Control", Proc.   Electrochemical Soc. New Orleans, LA. Oct. 1993. 43. H.Wan,   J.McCaskie, "Using Taguchi Techniques to Analyze Dendrite   Formation in an Acid Copper System", Plating and Surface   Finishing, 78(11) 80-4 (1991). 44. J.E.McCaskie, B.Williams,   "Mild Approach to PWB Desmearing", Plating and Surface Finishing   76(8) 36-8 (1989). 45. J.E.McCaskie, M.McNeil, A.Neiderer,   "Properties of Electroless Nickel/High Efficiency Chromium   Deposits", EN Symposium, Cincinnati, OH (1989). 46. J.E.McCaskie,   "Comparison of HPLC, CVS Techniques for Process Control of Acid   Copper Plating", Proc. AESF SUR/FIN 74th Tech Conf. , M-3, 28 pp   Chicago, (1987). 47. J.E.McCaskie, "EMI shielding and   Electrostatic discharge, By surface treatments", Modern Plastics   Encyclopedia, 1985-1986 p.381-382.

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