Cory Hawkins - Understanding Split Peaks

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      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

      C.A. Hawkins and J.W. Dolan, Understanding Split Peaks,   LC/GC, 21 (12) 1134-1138, 2003


      Peak   splitting in a liquid chromatography

      (LC)   separation results from several

      problems. This   month’s “LC Troubleshooting”

      looks   at several possible causes of peak

      splitting and   presents some guidelines for

      isolating the   source of peak splitting.

      Because some   instances of peak splitting

      can be   indicative of method problems that

      should   be corrected, it is important to

      isolate the   problem source carefully, if at all

      possible, so you   can make method changes

      and   avoid or delay future problems. In the

      end,   your method will be more rugged.

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