Steven Dec - Steady-State Gas Dissolution Flow Microcalorimeter for Determination of Heats of Solution of Slightly Soluble Gases in Water

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  S.F. Dec and S.J. Gill, Review of Scientific   Instruments, 55, 765 (1984)


  A flow calorimeter of the heat conduction type is described,   which is capable of measuring the heat effect associated with the   process of dissolving slightly soluble gases into water. The   calorimeter operates in a steady‐state mode. Gas, fed at constant   rate, is dissolved in flowing water within a specially designed   microcalorimeter cell and the power is determined for the   process. Computer control of the gas flow is used for convenient   establishment of steady states. The calorimeter is calibrated   electrically with a precision of 0.2% for power levels of 150–450   μW. Reproducibility of successive measurements of heats of   solution of oxygen are within 1%. Results are presented for the   enthalpy change for the dissolution of oxygen gas into pure water   at 25 °C

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