Steven Dec - Enthalpies of Aqueous Solutions of Noble Gases at 25 oC

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  S.F. Dec and S.J. Gill, Journal of Solution Chemistry,   14, 417 (1985)


  The standard enthalpies of solution of rare gases (helium, neon,   argon, krypton, and xenon) in water at 25°C have been measured by   a high precision steady-state calorimetric method. The aqueous   solvation process is energetically favorable at 25°C for the   gases studied. Values of the standard free energy, enthalpy, and   entropy changes are found to be well correlated with cavity   surface areas and the number of water molecules in the first   solvation shell. Also, the values of the standard enthalpy and   entropy of solution for the rare gases are found to have the same   dependence on the number of solvation shell water molecules as   inorganic and hydrocarbon gases. These results imply that the   dominant source of enthalpy and entropy change resides in the   first solvation shell.

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