Asfaw Gezae Daful - Accurate Critical Micelle Concentrations from a Microscopic Surfactant Model

Document created by Asfaw Gezae Daful on Aug 22, 2014
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  A single chain mean field theory is used to quantitatively   describe the micellization process of the nonionic polyethylene   oxide alkyl ether, CnEm  class of surfactants at 25 °C. An explicit but simple microscopic   model with only three interaction parameters is shown to be able   to reproduce with high accuracy the critical micelle   concentrations of a wide range of head and tail surfactant   lengths. In addition, the aggregation number of the micelles is   studied, the effect of the number of the hydrophobic and   hydrophilic segments on CMC and aggregation number of the   micelles are discussed and volume fraction profiles are given.

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