Xin Xu - SPME-GC/MS for determination of methanol and acetic acid in wastewater

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  Division of Environmental Chemistry

  241st ACS National Meeting & Exposition

  March 27-31, 2011


  Analysis of specific parameters in wastewater is always a   challenge due to its complex matrix and continuous variability.   This is especially true in treatment processes such as nitrogen   removal through denitrification where methanol or acetic acid are   added as a carbon source and monitored at low concentrations. A   promising analytical method, headspace solid-phase   microextraction (SPME) was introduced with gas   chromatography-mass spectrometry to monitor the residual of   methanol and acetic acid concentration. Factors such as fiber   properties, incubation conditions (agitation and temperature), pH   value and salt content that significantly impacted the extraction   efficiency have been studied. Precision, linearity and detection   limits were determined. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) fibers were   chosen to extract small molecular weight and polar compounds,   such as methanol. The extraction efficiency of acetic acid   significantly increased after acidification (pH<2). Agitation,   higher incubation temperature and longer extraction time   facilitated SPME fiber absorption. Salt impact was more   significant on methanol extraction than acetic acid. Calibrations   were determined for the two compounds analyzed over a   concentration range of 1 …100 µg/mL and 200 µg/mL,   respectively.

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