sheikh shahnawaz - Sensitive spectrofluorimetric method of analysis for venlafaxine in spiked rat plasma and formulations

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      Evaluation   of Assam Bora rice starch as plasma volume expander by polymer   analysis.

      Bhattacharya A, Akhter S, Shahnawaz S, Siddiqui AW, Ahmad MZ.

      Curr Drug   Deliv. 2010 Dec;7(5):436-41.PMID:20950261



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      Sensitive   spectrofluorimetric method of analysis for venlafaxine in spiked   rat plasma and formulations. Shahnawaz S, Siddiqui Z, Hoda Q

      J   Fluoresc. 2010 Jul;20(4):821-5. Epub 2010 Feb   27.PMID:20191378



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            SHORT COMMUNICATION, Indian journal of         pharmaceutical sciences (IJPS)     
            Year : 2008 | Volume : 70         | Issue : 4 | Page :         502-503      
            Spectrofluorimetric method for determination of         duloxetine hydrochloride in bulk and pharmaceutical         dosage     

              SL Prabhu1, S Shahnawaz1, C Dinesh Kumar2, A Shirwaikar3       


      Stability-indicating HPTLC method for determination of   Duloxetine
      Hydrochloride in bulk drug and tablet formulation

      Sheikh Shahnawaz*1 , Wadood Siddiqui1 , Mir Tariq Masroor2 ,   Vandana Arora1
      1 LloydCollege, Department of Pharmacy, Knowledge park II,   Greater Noida, 201306, India
      2 RRL, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


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