Kelly Stewart - Targeting Mitochondria with Organelle-specific Compounds: Strategies and Applications

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  L.F.Yousif,   K.M. Stewart,  and S.O. Kelley, ChemBioChem 2009  10, 1939.


  Mitochondria are the energy factories of the cell and also serve   as a checkpoint regulating programmed cell death. Not   surprisingly, dysfunctional mitochondria are implicated in a   variety of diseases ranging from metabolic disorders to cancer.   Treatment of these diseases through the delivery of targeted   drugs, however, is impeded by the difficulty of penetrating the   membranes that define this organelle. The properties of this   barrier serve as a major obstacle to drug delivery and a lack of   effective transporters has hindered the advancement of   mitochondrial medicine. Recently, however, synthetic transporters   that show promise for the mito-specific delivery of bioactive   cargos have begun to emerge. This review summarizes the most   exciting of these developments and discusses their applications.

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