Christophe Grosjean - Catalytic, asymmetric Strecker reactions catalysed by titaniumIV and vanadiumV(salen) complexes

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      Blacker, J.; Clutterbuck, L. A.; Crampton, M. R.; Grosjean, C.;   North, M. Tet. Asymmetry, 2006,   17, 1449‐1456


      VanadiumV(salen) complex 3 has been found to be an effective   catalyst for the asymmetric addition of hydrogen cyanide   (generated

      in situ from trimethylsilyl cyanide) to imines. The best results   (up to 81% enantiomeric excess) were obtained for aromatic imines

      in which the nitrogen atom is protected with a benzyl group and   in which the imine bond is not sterically encumbered.

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