Danilo Giribone - Synthesis of JTT-501 and its metabolite JTP-20604 labelled with 13C

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      A.Pignatti,   D.Giribone, C.Felicini, E.Fontana

      Journal of   Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals,  46 (2003) 605-611


      JTT-501 specifically labelled with 13C was obtained   via a four-step synthesis at an isotopic enrichment   level of 99% and in 14% overall chemical yield starting from   4-hydroxy-[ring-U-13C6]benzaldehyde   (3). The hydrogenation of   [13C6]JTT-501 over Pd/C gave   [13C6]JTP-20604 in 90% chemical yield.

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