Christophe Grosjean - To Catalyze or not to Catalyze? Insight into Direct Amide Bond Formation from Amines and Carboxylic Acids under Thermal and Catalyzed Conditions

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      Arnold, K.; Davies, B.; Giles, R. L.; Grosjean, C.; Smith, G. E.;   Whiting, A. Adv. Synth. Catal., 2006,   348, 813‐820


      Kinetic studies show that the direct formation

      of amides from amines and carboxylic acids

      without catalyst does occur under relatively low temperature

      conditions, but is highly substrate dependent.

      Boric and boronic acid-based catalysts improve

      the reaction, especially for less reactive acids, and initial

      results indicate that bifunctional catalysts show

      even greater potential.

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