Christophe Grosjean - Product identification and distribution from the oscillatory versus non-oscillatory palladium(II) iodide-catalysed oxidative carbonylation of phenylacetylene

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Grosjean, C.; Novakovic, K.; Scott, S. K.;   Whiting, A.; Willis, M. J.; Wright, A. R. J. Mol.Cat. A., 2008,   284, 33‐39

  Abstract: The oxidative carbonylation of   phenylacetylenewas studied in order to determine the production   distribution and reaction conditions which result in oscillatory   versus non-oscillatory behaviour. Unambiguous identification of   the products and their distribution was undertaken, after which,   it was found that reaction conditions which result in oscillatory   behaviour produce high conversions, and more selective product   distribution.

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