Qiang Zhang - Formation and Optical Properties of Compression-Induced Nanoscale Buckles on Silver Nanowires

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  ACS Nano, 2009,   3 (7), pp 1795–1802


  An intriguing formation of nanoscale buckles is discovered when   an array of aligned silver nanowires was deposited onto   prestrained polydimethylsiloxane substrates. The spacing distance   between the resulting silver nanoparticles corresponds to the   buckling wavelength of the silver nanowires. The buckled   nanowires exhibit unique optical properties, such as interruption   of scattered polarized photons and emission of photons from   subwavelength structure, as well as surface-enhanced Raman   scattering at the vicinity of the formed nanobuckles. In this   way, they have great potentials for nano-opto devices, catalysts   for chemical reactions, and functional materials for chemical   detections.

  Address (URL): http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/nn900419r?prevSearch=%2528Qiang%2BZhang%2529 %2BAND%2B%255Bauthor%253A%2BZhang%252C%2BQiang%2Band%2BZhang%252C%2BQiang%255D% 2 BNOT%2B%255Batype%253A%2Bad%255D%2BNOT%2B%255Batype%253A%2Bacs-toc%255D&searchH i storyKey=