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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

  1.     1. Pamela Pollet, Charles L. Liotta, Charles A     Eckert, Manjusha Verma, Emily Nixon, Swetha     Sivaswamy, Farhana Momin, Les Gelbaum, Bharat Chaudhary,     Jeffrey Cogen, Radical mediated graft modification of     polyolefins: a fundamental study, Industrial Engineering     and Chemical Research, 2011 (Accepted) 
  3.     2. Manjusha Verma, Ryan Hart, Kyle Flack, Jackson Switzer,     Amy Rohan, Swetha Sivaswamy, Manish Talreja, Elizabeth     Biddinger, Pamela Pollet, Charles Liotta and Charles Eckert,     Novel class of reversible ionic liquids for CO2 capture, Fuel     Chemistry. Preprint 2011, Accepted. 
  5.     3. Maria Gonzalez-Miquel, Manish Talreja, Amy     Rohan, Jackson Switzer, Kyle Flack, Elizabeth Biddinger,     Manjusha Verma, Sean Faltermeier, Paul     Nielson, Pamela Pollet, Jose Polmar, Francisco Rodriguez,     Charles Liotta and Charles Eckert, Design of Reversible Ionic     Liquids using Structure Property Relationships, Industrial     Engineering and Chemical Research, 2011 (Under Manuscript     Prepation) 
  7.     4. Amy Rohan, Jackson Switzer, Kyle Flack,     Ryan Hart, Swtha Sivaswamy, Elizabeth Biddinger, Manish     Talreja, Manjusha Verma, Sean Faltermeier, Paul     Nielson, Pamela Pollet, Charles Liotta and Charles Eckert,     Design of Reversible Ionic Liquids using Structure Property     Relationships, Angewandte Chemie International, (Under     Manuscriot Preparation) 
  9.     5. Manjusha Verma, Aneese Chaudhary, Thomas Morgan,     Christoph Fahrni, Electronically Tuned 1,3,5-triarylpyrazolines     as Cu(I)-selective Fluorescent Probes, Organic and     Biomolecular Chemistry, 2010, 8, 363-370, printed     as cover     art. 
  11.     6. Aneese Chaudhry, Manjusha     Verma, Thomas Morgan, Maged Henary, Nisan Siegel, Joel     Hales, Joseph Perry, Christoph J. Fahrni, Kinetically     Controlled Photoinduced Electron Transfer Switching in     Cu(I)-Responsive Fluorescent Probes, Journal of American     Chemical Society,     2010, 132 (2), 737–747 
  13.     7. Manjusha Verma, Christoph Fahrni, A study of photophysical     properties of a new set of molecules with increase in     conjugation of donor and acceptor turn-on sensor for zinc by     introduction of conjugated donor and thiazole system for two     photon absorption, Organic Letter, 2009 (Under     manuscript preparation) 
  15.     8. Manjusha Verma, Aneese Chaudhary, Christoph Fahrni,     Predicting the photoinduced electron transfer thermodynamics in     polyfluorinated triarylpyrazolines based on multi linear free     energy relationships, Organic and Biomolecular     Chemistry, 2009, 7, 1536-1546, printed as cover     art. 
  17.     9. Manjusha Verma, Aneese Chaudhary, Christoph Fahrni, A new     set of p-methoxy-N,N-dimethylaniline     pyrazoline series for studing the donor potential effect on the     photoinduced electron transfer process. (Under manuscript     preparation) 
  19.     10. Manjusha Verma, Surendra Nath Pandeya, Krishna Nand     Singh, James P Stables, Synthesis and     anticonvulsant activity of a new class of fluoro and     trifluoroarylsemicarbazones, Pharmazie, 2010, (Under     communication). 
  21.     11. Satish Kumar Singh, Manjusha     Verma, Krishna Nand Singh, An efficient use of     microwave-superoxide combination for synthesis of organic     carbamates and dithiocarbamates, Indian Journal of Chemistry,    47B, 2008,     1545-1548. 
  23.     12. Manjusha Verma, Krishna Nand Singh, Erik Declercq,     Synthesis and antiviral activity of some heterocyclic ureas     derivatives. Heterocycles, 68 (1), 2006, 11-22 
  25.     13. Sundaram Singh, Manjusha    Verma, Krishna Nand Singh, Superoxide ion     induced oxidation of γ-Lactones to γ-Ketocarboxylic acids in     aprotic medium. Synthetic Communication, 34(24), 2004,     4471-4475 
  27.     14. Ajay Kumar Shukla,     Manjusha Verma, Krishna Nand     Singh, Superoxide induced deprotection of 1,3-Dithiolanes: A     convenient method of dedithioacetalization. Indian Journal Chemistry,    43B, 2004,     1748-1752 
  29.     15. Manjusha Verma, Surendra Nath Pandeya, Krishna Nand     Singh, James P Stables, Promising anticonvulsant activity of     Schiff bases of isatin derivatives. Acta     Pharmaceutica, 54, 2004, 49-56 
  31.     16. Manjusha Verma, Sundaram Singh, Krishna Nand Singh,     Synthesis of some new benzoxazine derivatives of biological     interest. Heterocyclic Communications, 9(5),     2003, 499-502 


  Conferences and   Abstracts:


  1.     Manjusha     Verma, Ryan     Hart, Kyle Flack, Jackson Switzer, Amy Rohan, Swetha Sivaswamy,     Manish Talreja, Elizabeth Biddinger, Pamela Pollet, Charles     Liotta and Charles Eckert, Novel class of reversible ionic     liquids for CO2 capture, ACS 2011, Accepted. 
  3.     Sivaswamy, Swetha, Ryan Hart,     Kyle Flack, Amy Rohan, JacksonSwitzer, Manjusha     Verma,     Elizabeth Biddinger, Manish Talreja, Pamela Pollet,     Charles Eckert, Charles Liotta,     Reversible ionic liquids for carbon dioxide capture: Potential     and challenges, 241st ACS National Meeting &     Exposition, Anaheim, CA, United States, March 27-31, 2011     (2011), FUEL-39. 
  5.     Manjusha     Verma, Aneese     Chaudhary, Thomas Morgan, Christoph Fahrni, Rational design of     high-contrast Cu(I)-responsive fluorescent probes , 239th ACS     National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, United States, March     21-25, 2010 (2010), INOR-1236. 
  7.     Vishal B Patil, William R     Guerrant, Manjusha Verma, Joshua C    Canzoneri, Adegboyega K Oyelere,     Dual acting histone deacetylase-topoisomerase II inhibitors    , 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, United States,     August 17-21, 2008 (2008), MEDI-304. 
  9.     Krishna Nand Singh, Rajesh     Kumar, Manjusha     Verma,     An efficient C-C bond cleavage of 1,2-diols using     tetraethylammonium superoxide 233rd ACS National Meeting,     Chicago, IL, United States, March 25-29, 2007 (2007),     ORGN-324. 
  11.     6. Manjusha     Verma and Krishna Nand Singh, “Exploring the     Superoxide Ion : Role in Synthesis of Organic Substrate and     Deprotection, 61st Southeastern Regional Meeting of the ACS,     October 2009, Puerto Rico, USA. 
  13.     7. Manjusha     Verma and Krishna Nand Singh, “Isoindolylureas a new     group of antiviral compounds” 232 American Chemical Society,     September, 2006, San Fransico, USA. 
  15.     8. Manjusha     Verma and Krishna Nand Singh, “Fluoro and     trifluorosemicarbazones as novel anticonvulsant drugs” 231     American Chemical Society, March, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia,     USA. 
  17.     9. Manjusha     Verma, Surendra Nath Pandey, Krishna Nand Singh, James     P Stables, “Synthesis of Schiff bases of Isatins as     anticonvulsant”, 6th National Symposium in     Chemistry, IIT Kanpur, 06 Feb-08 Feb, 2004, India. 


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