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  Gary I. Dmitrienko, Jarrod W. Johnson, Timothy R. Ramadhar,   Thammaiah Viswanatha, Sundaramma Viswanatha. United States Patent   Application Publication Filed March 17, 2008 Published February   24, 2011.


  The present invention relates to broad spectrum β-lactamase   inhibitors. More particularly, the invention relates to   inhibitors of Class B metallo (MBL) and Class D (OXA)   β-lactamases. A method of treating a bacterial infection is   provided, wherein the method comprises administering to a   mammalian patient in need of such treatment a compound of formula   (I) ##STR00001## wherein R.sub.1 is selected from ##STR00002##   R.sub.2 is selected from ##STR00003## with certain provisos as   herein defined; in combination with a pharmaceutically acceptable   β-lactam antibiotic in an amount which is effective for treating   the bacterial infection.

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