ranjan kumar padhy - Estimation of Ibuprofen Solubilization in Cationic and Anionic Surfactant Media: Application of Micelle Binding Model.

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  Indian.   J. Chem. Technol. 16   (2009) 426-430


  Drug solubility is an important   parameter for efficient drug delivery and absorption.   Ibuprofen, a - methyl – 4 –   [2-methylpropyl] benzene acetic acid is a NSAID group of drug   with antipyretic and analgesic properties. It has poor solubility   in water. Its solubilisation properties in presence of   cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) and sodiumdodecyl sulphate   (SDS) have been studied. Saturation solubilities in aqueous and   aqueous-micellar media have been studied spectrophotometrically   by measuring absorbance at 264 nm. Plot of solubility vs. [SDS]   shows a maximum in the pre-micellar region followed by the linear   relationship between the variables in the region past critical   micellar concentration (cmc). With CTAB, the solubility-   [surfactant] profile shows double maxima, one each in pre- and   post- micellar region. Appropriate explanation has been forwarded   and the nature of solubilizate-surfactant interaction suggested.   The pKa values of ibuprofen determined   pH-metrically in aqueous and aqueous-SDS media have been used to   supplement the inference. The association constant values and   free energy change of solubilisation are reported.

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