Gail Blakley - Synthesis and reactivity of oxorhenium complexes with diamido amine ancillary ligands: Studies of oxygen atom transfer reactions

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  237th ACS National Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, United States,   March 22-26, 2009 (2009)


  Oxygen atom transfer (OAT) reactions between closed shell org.   mols. under thermodynamically favorable conditions are well   known, but these reactions would not occur under normal reaction   conditions. Transition metal complexes have been utilized   extensively in catalyzing OAT to and from org. compds. For   instance, oxorhenium complexes have been successfully   investigated working as catalysts for the transfer an oxygen atom   from pyridine N-oxide to an appropriate oxygen acceptor such   triphenylphosphine. In this study, several oxorhenium(V)   complexes ReO(RNCH2CH2)2NMeX (R= Mes, C6F5; X= Me, Cl, I) have   been prepd. and their reactivity in OAT reactions was studied.   Varying the ligand X from a strong donar to a poor donor, or   changing the R substituent on the diamido amine ancillary ligand   will affect the reactivity of OAT reactions dramatically.

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