Svetlana Keshtova - 2.     Keshtova, S. V.; Keshtova, F. M. “Steric radius and polarisability dependent atomic charges (SRPdq) method as modification of fluctuating charge approach (kSP) for modeling of quadrupolar fluids.”

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      (481). Poster   presentation. Section: General Computational and Theoretical   Physics Chemistry, Division PHYS, 238th American   Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, Washington,   DC; 16-20 August 2009. USA.



      is in supercritical   conditions is inactive;

      in chemical reactions has   high coefficient of diffusion;

      has low viscosity and low   critical parameters;

      is the ecologically pure   and economical solvation;

      when it is dissolved in an   ionic liquid, its partial molar volume is much smaller than that   observed in most other solvents.

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