Alexey Kondyurin - Direct Curing of Polymer Construction Material in Simulated Earth’s Moon Surface Environment

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  Journal of   space craft and rockets, V. 48, No. 2, pp.378-384,   2011


  The Earth’s industrial exploitation of the moon requires a   hermetically sealed structure large enough for all services: the   life-support systems, energy-producing units, the storage of air   and water, a greenhouse, and so on. The best way to achieve this   is a light inflatable structure, which is transported to the moon   in a packed position. The construction material has to be soft at   deployment and made rigid at exploitation. One way of making the   deployed structure rigid is a chemical reaction that forms a hard   frame for the construction. However, a previous project based on   an external hermetically sealed pocket experienced problems as a   result of high pressure due to evaporation of the   low-molecular-weight mass fractions of the uncured matrix and the   resultant uncontrolled deployment of the inflatable structure. A   structure is proposed in which the frame wall is external to the   wall of the structure, which would eliminate the problem of   uncontrolled inflation but requires that the structure be cured   in a free-space environment.

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