Rohit Misra - Kinetics of electrooxidation of landfill leachate in a three-dimensional carbon bed electrochemical reactor

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    Chemosphere 76, 1206-1212., 2009


  The electrooxidation of high strength leachate from an industrial   solid waste landfill site was carried out in a three-dimensional   carbon bed electrode reactor (TDR). This paper discusses the   kinetics and mechanism of electrooxidation on the basis of time   course variation of COD, TOC and TKN (total Kjeldahl nitrogen)   from the raw leachate. The batch experiments were run at   different applied currents (1–3 A) for a period of 6 h. A   two-stage pseudo-first order reaction kinetics model was   developed based on the initial rapid removal of pollutants (Phase   I) followed by slow oxidation kinetics (Phase II). About 60–64%   COD was removed within 1 h with a rate constant 5.83 ×   10−3 min−1 in Phase I, which was near 5–7   times greater than that of Phase II (0.81–1.03 × 10−3  min−1). The mineralization efficiency was found to be   significant in the range 0.83–0.84. The apparent faradic   efficiency and specific energy consumption for COD removal were   also estimated. The mechanism of electrooxidation was discussed   with the help of adsorption, kinetic and SEM results.

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