Darby Kozak - Tunable Nano/Micropores for Particle Detection and Discrimination: Scanning Ion Occlusion Spectroscopy

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      SMALL Volume: 6  Issue: 23 Pages:  2653-2658 DOI: 10.1002/smll.201001129


      Nanopore devices are extremely useful tools for the simple,

      sensitive, and high-throughput characterization of particles

      and biomolecules. However, the fixed diameter of conventional

      pores severely limits the size range of structures that

      can be effectively analyzed with a given pore. Herein we use

      a novel resizable elastic nanopore to discriminate between

      and selectively gate the passage of a mixed suspension of 100,

      220, and 400 nm particles and to detect DNA modifi cation of

      220 nm particles. Changing the pore size in real time allows

      ‘tuning’ of the signal to improve the characterization of

      closely related particle size distributions and surface-modifi ed

      particles. Tuning of the pore size to the experimental system

      at hand holds promise as an easy, robust, and versatile technique

      for the characterization of nanometer-sized materials

      and for biological sensing applications.

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