Sandeep Kumar Vashist - Multi-substrate compatible ELISA procedures for rapid and high sensitivity immunoassays

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    NATURE PROTOCOLS,    6(4), 439-445, 2011


  This protocol describes an improved and optimized approach to   develop rapid and high-sensitivity ELISAs by covalently   immobilizing antibody on chemically modified polymeric surfaces.   The method involves initial surface activation with KOH and an   O2 plasma, and then amine functionalization with   3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane. The second step requires covalent   antibody immobilization on the aminated surface, followed by   ELISA. The ELISA procedure developed is 16-fold more sensitive   than established methods. This protocol could be used generally   as a quantitative analytical approach to perform high-sensitivity   and rapid assays in clinical situations, and would provide a   faster approach to screen phage-displayed libraries in antibody   development facilities. The antibody immobilization procedure is   of ~3 h duration and facilitates rapid ELISAs. This method can be   used to perform assays on a wide range of commercially relevant   solid support matrices (including those that are chemically   inert) with various biosensor formats.

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