Sandeep Kumar Vashist - Evaluation of apparent non-specific protein loss due to adsorption on sampling tube surfaces and/or compromised immunogenicity

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    ANALYST,   136(7), 1406-11,   2011


  The non-specific loss of protein analytes can have a major effect   on assay results particularly where the concentrations of such   analytes are extremely low and the matrix is complex. This report   assesses how the protein incubated in sample tubes may be lost   due to adsorption. Use of proteins, such as bovine serum albumin   (BSA), may be used to pre-treat tubes to reduce such losses.   However, such losses may also be associated with structural   perturbations leading to changes in immunogenicity (as a result   of alterations in specific epitope-related conformations). This   can lead to erroneous results or lack of comparability with a   range of methodologies such as the bicinchoninic protein assay   and immunoassays or when surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based   approaches are used. A model system to evaluate these phenomena   is proposed.

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