Abdulla Galadari - Joseph and Jesus: Unearthing Symbolism within the Bible and the Qur'an

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  Galadari, A. (2011) "Joseph and Jesus: Unearthing Symbolism   within the Bible and the Qur'an," The International Journal   of Religion and Spirituality in Society, 1(1): 117-128.


  This study investigates the parallel symbolisms linguistically in   the narrations of the stories of Joseph and Jesus in the Bible   and the Qur’an, in an attempt to resurrect their inner meanings.   It uses a unique method of Scriptural hermeneutics to allow   Scriptures to be the sole interpreter of itself.

  Joseph had been left in a pit (cistern) by his brethren. He was   taken out by a caravan and sold for twenty pieces of silver.   Jesus was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. In Egypt, Joseph   enters the prison, which is described in the Bible also as a pit   (cistern). Two others enter the prison with him, the cupbearer   and the baker. Jesus is also crucified with two thieves.

  The cupbearer and the baker have similarities to the Last Supper,   as Jesus distributes bread and wine. By interpreting their   respective dreams, Joseph tells the cupbearer that he will be   restored to his position in three days, while the baker will be   crucified. Jesus informs one of the thieves that he will be with   him in his kingdom, implying that one of the thieves is saved,   while the other is not. In the story of Joseph, the fulfillment   of the dreams occurred after three days, which coincided with   Pharaoh’s birthday. After crucifixion, Jesus enters a pit of   grave, which is also described as a prison by Peter in the Bible,   and is fulfilled in three days when he is resurrected. Joseph   asks the cupbearer to remember him when he returns to Pharaoh,   but the cupbearer forgets. One of the thieves asks Jesus to   remember him when he returns to his kingdom, and Jesus promises   him that they will be together.

  This study also unlocks the mystery in the relationship between   Jews and Samaritans.

  There are many parallel symbolisms in the narration of both   stories within Scriptures that this study attempts to unearth   from linguistic and narrative perspectives.

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