Abdulla Galadari - Inner Meanings of Property Development: Qur'anic, Biblical, and Spiritual

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  Galadari, A. (2011) "Inner Meanings of Property Development:   Qur'anic, Biblical, and Spiritual," International Proceedings   of Economics Development and Research, 10:151-155.


  Humanity has been developing   the earth with real estate projects since the dawn of their   existence. This paper unlocks linguistic secrets from the Semitic   languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic, in understanding   real estate development, and if in fact, real estate is truly   fake estate. It opens philosophical questions from the usage of   Semitic words in property development portraying the difference   between real estate economic development and spiritual   development from within the contexts of the Qur’an and   Bible. The paper identifies that property   investment in the physical world is not real, and that the real   investment is in spiritual development projects within each soul   and society. It shows how developments in the physical realm are   barren, while developments in the spiritual realm are fertile.   The purpose for humanity is not only to develop planet earth, but   also the earth of their body by making it the Temple of G-d.

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