Anuj Sharma - Design, synthesis and characterization of some bioactive conjugates of curcumin with glycine, glutamic acid, valine and demethylenated piperic acid and study of their antimicrobial and antiproliferative properties

Document created by Anuj Sharma on Aug 22, 2014
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  The monoesters of curcumin, a symmetric diphenol with valine and   glycine have been prepared by a novel solid phase synthesis and   its diesters with valine, glutamic acid and demethylenated   piperic acid have been prepared by solution phase method. The   assessment of their antimicrobial and anticancer   (antiproliferative) activities suggested that diesters of   curcumin are relatively more active than curcumin itself due to   their increased solubility, slow metabolism and better cellular   uptake. Furthermore, significant observation was that monoesters   of curcumin have even better antimicrobial activity than their   corresponding diesters, emphasizing the role of free phenolic   group. The conjugate of curcumin with demethylenated piperic acid   in which methylenedioxy ring was open also shows enhanced   activity than the corresponding piperic acid conjugate,   emphasizing the role of free phenolics in the transport or in the   binding processes.

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