Abdulla Galadari - Humanity's Ultimate Sacrifice: Parallelism between Christ's Crucifixion and Islamic Hajj

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  Galadari, A. (2010) "Humanity's Ultimate Sacrifice: Parallelism   between Christ's Crucifixion and Islamic Hajj," The   International Journal of the Humanities, 8(1): 245-254.


  The spiritual journey of humanity has always been to seek   Ultimate Truth. Different religions present this journey in   different ways. This paper unlocks spiritual symbolisms within a   detailed comparative study showing how millions of people   performing the annual Hajj in Makkah are walking the footsteps of   Christ leading to his Crucifixion and Resurrection. Although   Christianity and Islam differ in their Theology and Christology,   the messages of both move in parallel by allowing humans to step   into the spiritual journey in search for the Truth. The epitome   of Christ’s message lies deeply in the story of Crucifixion and   Resurrection. This paper presents how the Hajj in Islam is a   portrayal of the message of Christ’s Crucifixion by allowing   people to have the chance to walk in the footsteps of Christ and   experience the spiritual ladder towards Godliness. Each detail of   the symbolism used for the performance of the Hajj by Muslims is   paralleled with the symbolism used in the Gospels for Christ’s   Crucifixion. In reality, the Hajj is walking through the   footsteps of Christ, from the wearing of a funeral shroud,   seeking the water of life, sacrifice, three days and nights in   the heart of the earth, and into resurrection.

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