Alexander KM Leung - Application of Wavelet Transform in Infrared Spectrometry: Spectral Compression and Library Search

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  Chemometrics   and Intelligent Laboratory System, Vol.   43(1-2), 69-88 (1998)


  In recent years, a new mathematical technique called wavelet   transform (WT) has been developed and adopted for signal   processing in analytical chemistry owing to its efficiency, more   number of basis functions available, and higher speed in data   treatment compared to fast Fourier transform (FFT). In this   paper, the fast wavelet transform (FWT) and its derivative,   wavelet packet transform (WPT), were applied to compress infrared   (IR) spectrum for storage and spectral searching. In WT   treatment, the number of data to be processed has to be   2P with P being any integer. In this   work, we proposed the coefficient position retaining (CPR) method   to handle data with length of odd number. The performance of the   two proposed WT methods in data compression and spectral library   searching are compared with that of the FFT method. The results   indicated that our proposed WT methods works better than FFT in   compression of IR spectra and spectral library searching.

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