Alexander KM Leung - A Review on Applications of Wavelet Transform Techniques in Chemical Analysis: 1989-1997

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  Chemometrics   and Intelligent Laboratory System, Vol.   43(1-2), 165-184 (1998)


  Starting from 1989, a new mathematical technique known as wavelet   transform (WT) has been applied successfully for signal   processing in chemistry. The number of publications related to   the application of WT to manipulate chemical data has increased   rapidly in the last 2 years from one paper being published in   1989 to 18 papers in 1996 and 41 papers in 1997. More than 70   papers were published within the period from 1989 to 1997. In   these published works, WT was mainly employed for noise removal   and data compression in different fields of analytical chemistry   that include flow injection analysis, high performance liquid   chromatography, infrared spectrometry, mass spectrometry, nuclear   magnetic resonance spectrometry, ultraviolet–visible spectrometry   and voltammetry. It has been employed to solve certain problems   in quantum chemistry and chemical physics. In this paper,   applications of the wavelet transform and its derivative wavelet   packet transform (WPT) are reviewed. Research works on WT by   Chinese researchers in China are also included.

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