Alexander KM Leung - A Roughness Penalty Approach and Its Application for Noisy Hyphenated Chromatographic Two-way Data

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  Journal   of Chemometrics, Vol.   13(5), 511-524 (1999)


  In order to improve the signal detection and resolution of   chemical components with very low concentrations in hyphenated   chromatographic two-way data, the effect of measurement noise   from the instruments on these two aspects is first investigated   in the present paper. A new smoothing technique called the   roughness penalty method is introduced to reduce the influence of   this measurement noise. Our results show that the proposed method   can enhance the detection ability significantly. In addition, the   resolved spectra after the roughness penalty smoothing are found   to be significantly improved. The performance of the method was   assessed using simulated and real hyphenated two-way data.

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