Alexander KM Leung - Analysis of the Water Soluble Constituents of Cordyceps sinensis with Heuristic Evolving Latent Projections

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  Analytical   Letters, Vol.   33(15), 3195-3211 (2000)


  A chemometric technique, heuristic evolving latent projection   (HELP), was applied to analyze the data obtained from high   performance liquid chromatography coupled with the diode array   detection (HPLC-DAD) for a traditional Chinese medicinal herb,   Cordyceps sinensis. Based on this method, the water   soluble components, nucleosides in Cordyceps sinensis  were identified. Ten and eleven volatile components were   identified from the fungal and larvae parts of Cordyceps   sinensis sample, respectively. As compared with the   conventional method, HELP was found to be suitable for   quantitative analysis of complex real systems such as Chinese   medicinal products.

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