Alexander KM Leung - Wavelet: A New Trend in Chemistry

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  Accounts   of Chemical Research, Vol.   36(4), 276-283 (2003)


  Since 1989, wavelet transform (WT) has attracted much interest of   chemists working on signal and image processing, and the WT-based   techniques have been successfully applied to the chemical signal   processing. This approach has been demonstrated as fast in   computation with localization and having quick decay properties,   in contrast to the popular methods existing, especially to the   fast Fourier transform. More than 370 papers have been published   up to the year 2002 which covered applications of WT in various   fields of chemistry, including analytical chemistry, chemical   physics, and quantum chemistry. In this paper, we report on   applications of WT to data compression, data smoothing and   denoising, baseline and background correction, resolution of   multicomponent overlapping signals, regression and   classification, and analytical images processing in analytical   chemistry. Through this report we wish to induce greater interest   of chemists in WT and to obtain greater benefits from using the   WT-based techniques.

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