Li Shanying - Synthesis of p-type ZnSe nanowires by atmosphere compensating technique

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  Micro   & Nano Letters, (2011)   6, 6, 459-462


  The   atmosphere compensating technique with an individual selenium   source is, firstly, used in the growth of phosphorus-doped p-type   ZnSe nanowires. The morphology and structure characterizations   reveal that the as-synthesized ZnSe nanowires has a wurtzite   structure with a diameter of about 160 nm, a growth direction of   [001]. The electrical properties’ characterizations demonstrate   that the selenium atmosphere compensation technique assisted with   phosphorus-doping leads to a substantial action in p-type   conductivity of ZnSe nanowires with a high mobility of 1.25   cm2V-1S-1 and carrier   concentration of 1.47 × 1018 cm-3. The   photoluminescence measurements show a dominant emission and two   donor-acceptor pair emission.

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