Li Shanying - Synthesis and electrical properties of Na2Ti3O7 nanoribbons

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  Micro   & Nano Letters, (2011)   6, 4, 233-235


  Electrical properties of Na2Ti3O7 nanoribbons (NRs) sensitively   depend on their structures, morphologies and sizes. The   nanofield-effect transistors based on single NR are fabricated to   evaluate the electronic transport characteristics. A convenient   hydrothermal method is employed to synthesise the NRs, and the   characterisations of morphology and crystal structure reveal that   the NRs have the good crystallinity and uniformity with the width   of 200–400 nm, the length 10 mm and the growth direction of   [001]. The atomic ratio of Na:Ti:O is estimated to be 2:3:7 from   the energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy spectrum. The electronic   characterisations demonstrate that the as-synthesised Na2Ti3O7   NRs have a lower electronic resistivity of 14 V cm, substantial   p-type conductivity with a high mobility of 55.6 cm2 V-1 S-1 and   carrier concentration

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