Jeremiah Tipton - Analysis of Intact Protein Isoforms by Mass Spectrometry. 

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  Jeremiah D. Tipton, John C. Tran, Adam D.   Catherman, Dorothy R. Ahlf, Kenneth R. Durbin, and Neil L.   Kelleher. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 286 (29),   25451-25458, (2011)


  The diverse proteome of an organism arises from such events as   single nucleotide substitutions at the DNA level, different RNA   processing, and dynamic enzymatic post-translational   modifications. This minireview focuses on the measurement of   intact proteins to describe the diversity found in proteomes. The   field of biological mass spectrometry has steadily advanced,   enabling improvements in the characterization of single proteins   to proteins derived from cells or tissues. In this minireview, we   discuss the basic technology for "top-down" intact protein   analysis. Furthermore, examples of studies involved with the   qualitative and quantitative analysis of full-length polypeptides   are provided.

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