Li Shanying - Synthesis and X-ray responsivity of Zn0.75Cd0.25Te nanoribbons

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  Micro   & Nano Letters, (2011)   6, 8, 624-627


  To   reduce the size and lower energy consumption are very important   for the portable X-ray detector, it is visible that the   nanodetector based on nanotechnology will be the future trend. In   this paper, the single-crystalline   Zn0.75Cd0.25Te nanoribbons are synthesized   by a two-step process, and the X-ray detectors from individual   nanoribbon are fabricated. The X-ray detecting performances are   carried out by using three kinds of X-ray source with different   energy of 8.857 KeV, 9.659 KeV and 11.564 KeV, respectively. The   nanodetectors exhibit a high sensitivity, fast response speed,   which are attributed to the high-aspect ratio, nearly perfect   single-crystalline quality and the reduction of recombination   barrier in the ribbon. The remarkable   X-ray responsivity imply   that the Zn0.75Cd0.25Te nanoribbons is a   very attractive candidate for application in X-ray nanodetector   at room temperature.

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