Jeremiah Tipton - Chromatographic Reduction of Isobaric and Isomeric Complexity of Fulvic Acids to Enable Multistage Tandem Mass Spectral Characterization

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  Capley, E. N.; Tipton, J. D.; Marshall, A. G.;   Stenson, A. C. Analytical chemistry, 82 (19), 8194-202,   (2010)


  Humic substances and related material commonly grouped under the   designation of natural organic matter (NOM) are of interest in   fields ranging from marine chemistry and geochemistry to   industry, agriculture, and pharmacology. High-field Fourier   transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry enables   resolution and identification of elemental compositions of up to   thousands of components from a single mass spectrum. Here, we   introduce an offline prefractionation to reduce the number of   species of the same nominal (nearest-integer) mass, allowing for   isolation of ions of one or a few m/z values,   from which structural information can be obtained by   low-resolution multistage tandem mass spectrometry   (MSn). Alternatively, precharacterized   fractions can be generated for other types of analysis. As an   example, we demonstrate significant reduction of isomeric and   isobaric complexity for Suwannee River fulvic acid (SRFA). The   combined MS and MSn analyses support the   hypothesis that early eluting material comprises older, highly   oxidized SRFA, whereas later eluting material is younger,   retaining some similarity with precursor material.

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