Jian Zhou - Bio-logic analysis of injury biomarker patterns in human serum samples

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        J. Zhou,   J. Halámek, V. Bocharova, J. Wang and E. Katz. Bio-logic analysis   of injury biomarker patterns in human serum samples.   Talanta, 2011, 83(3),   955-959.



      Digital biosensor systems analyzing biomarkers characteristic of   liver injury (LI), soft tissue injury (STI) and abdominal trauma   (ABT) were developed and optimized for their performance in serum   solutions spiked with injury biomarkers in order to mimic real   medical samples. The systems produced ‘Alert’-type optical output   signals in the form of “YES-NO” separated by a threshold value.   The new approach aims at the reliable detection of injury   biomarkers for making autonomous decisions towards timely   therapeutic interventions, particularly in conditions when a   hospital treatment is not possible. The enzyme-catalyzed   reactions performing Boolean AND/NAND logic operations in the   presence of different combinations of the injury biomarkers   allowed high-fidelity biosensing. Robustness of the systems was   confirmed by their

      operation in serum solutions, representing the first example of   chemically performed logic analysis of biological fluids and a   step closer towards practical biomedical applications of   enzyme-logic bioassays.

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