Martin Lang - Inhibitors of Potassium Channels Kv1.3 and IK-1 as Immunosuppressants

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      Stefano Pegoraro, Martin Lang, Tobias Dreker, Jürgen Kraus,   Svetlana Hamm, Cathal Meere, Juliane Feurle, Stefan Tasler,   Sylvia Prütting, Zerrin Kuras, Violeta Visan, Stephan Grissmer

      Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2009,   19, 2299-304


      New structural classes of Kv1.3 and IK-1 ion channel blockers   have been identified based on a virtual high throughput screening   (vHTS) approach using a homology model of KcsA. These compounds   display inhibitory effects on T-cell and/or keratinocyte   proliferation and immunosuppressant activity within a DTH animal   model.


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