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  1.     1.     Carrageenans Part VI. Reinvestigation of the Acetolysis     Products of Carrageenan, Revision of the structure of    -1-3-Galactotriose     and a Further Example of the Reverse Specificities of Glycoside     Hydrolysis and Acetolysis. Lawson, C.J., Rees, D.A., J.     Chem. Soc (1968) 1301 
  1.     2.     Carrageenans Part V. The Masked Repeating Structures of    and    u-Carrageenans.     Anderson, N.S., Dolan, T.C.S., Lawson, C.J.,and Rees,D.A.,     Carbohydrate Research (1968) 15    468-473. 
  1.     3. Ph.D.     Thesis, Edinburgh University, 1969. 'The Chemistry and     Enzymology of some Acidic Polysaccharides'. 
  1.     4.     Structural Analysis of Colanic Acid from E Coli by using     Methylation and Base-Catalysed Fragmentation. Comparison with     Polysaccharides from other Bacterial Sources. Lawson,C.J.,     McLeary, C.W., Nakada, H.I., Rees, D.A., Sutherland, I.W.,     Wilkinson, J.F., Biochem. J. (1969)     115 947-958. 
  1.     5. An     Enzyme for the Metabolic Control of Polysaccharide Conformation     and Function. Lawson, C.J., Rees, D.A., Nature     (London) (1970) 227 
  1.     6. The     Production of an Extracellular Polysaccharide by a Pseudomonas     Type Microorganism. Williams, A.G., Wimpenny, J.W.T., Lawson,     C.J., J.Gen.Microbiol. 77 (2)    1973. 
  1.     7.     Carrageenans VIII. Repeating Structures of Galactan Sulphates     from Furcellaria, Gigartina, Ahnfeltia, Gymnogongrus, Eucheuma.     Lawson, C.J., Rees, D.A., Stancioff, D.J., Stanley, N.F.,     J. Chem.     Soc. Perkin Trans. 1, (1973) 19,    2177-82. 

  8. Fluoride   Gels. Lawson.C.J., Prodger, T.E., UK Patent 1450881

  1.     9. The     Production of Industrially Important Bacterial Polysaccharides.     Bucke, C., Lawson, C.J., Pindar, D.F., Biochem. Soc. Trans.     (1975), 3 844-7. 
  1.     10.     Microbial Polysaccharides. (Research at the Philip Lyle     Memorial Research Laboratory). Lawson, C.J., Chem.     Ind. (London) (1976) 6, 258-61. 
  1.     11.     Purification and Properties of an Alginate Lyase from a Marine     Bacterium. Davidson, I.W., Sutherland, I.W., Lawson, C.J.,     Biochem. J. (1976) Production of a Microbial Polysaccharide     'Indican', Lawson, C.J., Symes, K.C., British Patent     (1979) 
  1.     12.     Oligosaccharides Produced by the Partial Acetolysis of Xanthan     Gum. Lawson, C.J., Symes, K.C., Carbohydrate Research.    (1977) 433-8, 58. 
  1.     13. The     Production of Alginic Acid by Azotobacter vinelandii in Batch     and Continuous Culture. Deavin, L., Jarman, T.J., Lawson, C.J.,     Righelato, R.C., Slocombe, S., ACS Symp. Ser. (1977) No     45, pp 14-26. 
  1.     14.     Xanthan Gum Acetolysis as a Tool for the Elucidation of     Structure. Lawson,C.J., Symes, K.C., ACS Symp. Ser.     (1977) No 45, 183-91. 
  1.     15.     Localisation of O-Acetyl Groups of Bacterial Alginate.     Davidson, I.W., Sutherland, I.W., Lawson, C.J., J, Gen.     Microbiol (1977) 98 603-6. 
  1.     16. An     Alginate Lyase from Azotobacter vinelandii Phage. Davidson,     I.W., Sutherland,I.W., Lawson, C.J., J. Gen. Microbiol. (1977)     98, 223-9. 
  1.     17.     Production of Industrially Important Gums with Particular     Reference to Xanthan Gum and Microbial Alginate. Lawson. C.J.,     ACS Symp. Ser. (1977) No 41, 282-96. 
  1.     18.     'Polysaccharides', in Economic Microbiology Vol. II    (1978) Academic Press, Lawson, C.J., Sutherland, I.W., Ed.,     A.H.Rose. 

  19.   Production of a Microbial Polysaccharide 'Indican', Lawson, C.J.,   Symes, K.C., British Patent (1979)

  1.     20.     Preliminary Studies on the Composition and Properties of the     Extracellular Polysaccharide Synthesised by Pseudomonas PB1     (NCIB 11246). Williams, A.G., Wimpenny, J.W.T., and Lawson,     C.J., Biochem et Biophys Acta. 585    (1979) 611-619. 
  1.     21.     Influence of the Pyruvate Content of Xanthan on Macromolecular     Association in Solution. Smith, I.H., Symes, K.C., Lawson,     C.J., and Morris, E.R.. Int. J. Biol. Macromol. (1981)     128-134. 
  1.     22. The     Effect of Pyruvate on Xanthan Solution Properties. I.H.Smith.,     K.C.Symes., C.J.Lawson and E.R.Morris. Carbohydrate     Polymers 4, (1984), 154-157. 
  1.     23. Scope     and Limitation of the Simple 13C-N.M.R. Method of     Structural Analysis of Carbohydrate Gluco-Oligosaccharides.     Hoffman, R.E., Christofides, J.E., Davies, D.B., Lawson, C.J.,     Carbohydrate Research. (1986) 153    1-16. 
  1.     24.     Polyols of the fungus, Zoophagus insidians. Abro H.,     Crowther A. M., Lawson C. J., & Dick M. W. Biochemical     Systematics & Ecology, 17, (1989),     439-441. 
  1.     Polymorphism     within the human anti-pig repertoire. Lee J., Cairns T.,     Weymouth-Wilson A., Simpson P., Lawson C.J., Hacking A.J.,     Nilsson R., Hakim N., Taube D., Transplant Proc (1996)     28 549. 
  1.     US Patent     application PCT/EP02/10946-Solvent Extraction Process for     alkaloid glycosides extracted from the fruits of Solanum     sodomaem March 22,     2004 
  1.     US Patent     application 2007/0135358-The Synthesis of Steriod Modified     Solatrioses based on Solatriose (14.06.2007). 
  1.     World     Patent application, Steriod Modified Solatrioses &     Chacotrioses. No 20070066814 / 22-Mar-2007. 
  1.     An     analytical ultracentrifuge study on ternary mixtures of konjac     glucomannan supplemented with sodium alginate and xanthan gum.     Abdelhameed A.S., Ang S., Morris G.A., Lawson C., Gahler R.,     Wood S. And Harding S.E. Carbohydrate Polymers,     81 (2010) 145-148 
  1.     Studies on     macromolecular interaction in ternary mixtures of konjac     glucomannan, xanthan gum and sodium alginate. Harding S.E.,     Smith I.H., Lawson C.J., Gahler R J. And Wood S.     Carbohydrate Polymers. 83(2) (2011),     329-338 


  1.     1. The     Production of Water Soluble Polymers-Alginates from Seaweed     Sources, Feasibility Study-June 1980. 

  2.   Carbohydrate Based Speciality Chemicals-A Review and Feasibility   Study-April 1982.

  3. The   Production of Food Grade Glucose and Other Products from Wood-A   Feasibility Study-May 1983.

  4. The   Potential for Low Calorie Bulking Agents in the UK-Review and   Feasibility Study- Feb.1984.

  5. The   Effect of Molasses on Silage Production-Jan 1985.

  6. The   Development of Novel Binders (Liquids) for Animal Feed   Pellets-Feb 1985.

  7. The   Caloric Utilisation of Randomly Linked Glucose Polymers-May   1985.

  8. The   Effect of Molasses and Experimental Inoculants Upon Silage   Quality-Feb 1986.

  9. The   Potential for Biomedical Carbohydrates-March 1987.

  10.   Carbohydrate Science in the UK-A Review for the United Kingdom   Science & Engineering Research Council, November 1992


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