Jennie Munster - Perchlorate in an urban lawn environment

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  J.   Munster and G. N. Hanson,   Environ. Chem. 2009, 6, 36-43,   doi:10.107/EN08087


  Perchlorate contamination in groundwater is a concern owing to   the likelihood that low concentrations of

  perchlorate may disrupt normal thyroid function. Lawns fertilized   with perchlorate-containing fertilizers can adverselyaffect   groundwater. We examined perchlorate concentrations from June   2006 to January 2007 in precipitation, grass clippings, soil   cores and soilwater at eight lawn environments in Suffolk   County,NY, a countywhere lawns comprise more than 25% of the   land use. Measured concentrations in soil waters were as high as   255  μgL1,   with average concentrations of   69 μgL1  beneath sites   treated with organic fertilizer, 1.2μgL1  beneath sites   treated with chemical fertilizer and 0.34  μgL1  beneath sites   not fertilized. Although concentrations were dependent on the   type of fertilizer applied, the patterns of   leaching and grass uptake were similar at all   sites.









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