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      Patent US   20090007951 (US Patent Office, Jan. 08 2009)


      A system is disclosed comprising a package of active Fabry-Perot   transmitters and an electric charge accumulator for converting a   part of coherent electromagnetic power in electric power at the   proper voltage of this accumulator. An active Fabry-Perot   transmitter is a semiconductor device comprising a packet of   p-i-n diodes with double quantum dots on the two sides of the   i-layer, separated by potential barriers from the conduction   regions. The semiconductor structure is placed in a Fabry-Perot   cavity with total transmission. While a resonant coherent   electromagnetic beam is crossing the Fabry-Perot cavity, a small   part from the electromagnetic energy is captured by resonant   electron excitations through the i-layer, injecting an electron   current in the device.

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