Jennie Munster - Perchlorate and ion chemistry of road runoff

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  J.   Munster and G. N. Hanson,   Environ. Chem. 2009, 6, 28-35.   doi:EN08085


  First flush samples of road runoff were sampled in April 2006   corresponding with five rain events at 12 catch basins and two   recharge basins in Suffolk County, NY. Most runoff here is   directed into recharge basins or sumps that drain directly into   the sole source aquifer. Thus, contaminants from road runoff can   contaminate groundwater. In addition to   ClO4, we present   data for Cl, Na, Br, Sr, and nitrogen as nitrate   (N-NO3)   as they are the dominant ions in the most  probable sources   of ClO4  to road runoff,   presumably road flares, road salt, air bags and road-side   fertilizers. Correlations between the ions   indicate that road salt elevates concentrations of Na, Br and Cl   in road runoff. The average ClO4  value   is 2.18  ±  0.66 (standard   error of the mean) μgL1  for the catch   basins and 2.98 ±  0.87  μgL1  for the two   recharge basins. Excess   ClO4  in the present   study appears mainly from road flares. On average, only 47% of   the ClO4  in the catch   basins and 11% in the   recharge basins can be accounted for by bulk   precipitation.























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