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      Patent US   20100019618 (US Patent Office, Jan. 28 2010)


      A semiconductor device for the environment heat conversion in   coherent electromagnetic energy by a super radiant quantum decay   and a thermal excitation of a system of electrons in a super   lattice of n-i-p-n transistors with quantum dots on the two sides   of the i-layer, and potential barriers for separating the quantum   transition n-i-p regions from the adjacent conduction n and p   regions. When an electron current is injected in a perpendicular   direction on the transistor arrays, a super radiant field is   generated in the plane of these arrays, with a power mainly   obtained by a heat absorption that is much larger than the   absorbed electric power. The device also includes an input heat   absorber, and an output Fabry-Perot resonator with total   transmission for the electromagnetic energy extraction from the   device active region.

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