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  Patent US   20090007950 (US Patent Office, Jan. 08 2009)


  A method for the environment heat conversion in coherent   electromagnetic energy by a superradiant quantum decay and a   thermal excitation of a system of electrons is disclosed. A   semiconductor device is also disclosed comprising a system of   n-i-p-n transistors, a double array of quantum dots on the two   sides of the thin i-layer of the n-i emitter, a system of   intermediate n and p layers separating the active quantum region   from the n and respectively p regions by potential barriers, a   metal front electrode, a heat absorber in intimate contact with   this electrode, a semitransparent rear electrode forming with the   front electrode a Fabry-Perot resonator tuned with the electron   quantum transition frequency through the i-layer, and an output   semitransparent mirror of the same transparency as the   transparency of the rear electrode, by this forming with the rear   electrode a total transmission Fabry-Perot resonator.

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