Dr. Bikas C. Das - A bit per particle: Electrostatic assembly of CdSe quantum dots as memory elements

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  Advanced   Materials 19,   4172 (2007)


  We have experimentally demonstrated that CdSe nanoparticles with   sizes down to the quantum dot regime display electrical   bistability. The degree of electrical bistability (on/off ratio)   depended on the size of the particles. The two-dimensional array   of such particles (via electrostatic assembly) showed conductance   switching with an associated memory phenomenon at a suitable   voltage. The switching was reversible for many cycles with two   sets of I–V characteristics. With the scanning tunneling   microscope tip as the other electrode, such bistability was   observed in a monolayer of the nanoparticles. The results hence   demonstrate that CdSe nanoparticles or quantum dots can be used   as memory elements with a density of a bit per particle.

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