Nageh Allam - Self-Assembled Fabrication of Vertically Oriented Ta2O5 Nanotube Arrays, and Membranes Thereof, by One-Step Tantalum Anodization

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  Chem. Mater., 2008, 20 (20), pp 6477–6481


  We report for the first time synthesis of high-aspect-ratio   tantalum oxide nanotube arrays via one-step anodization of Ta   foil. The use of aqueous electrolytes containing   HF:H2SO4 in the volumetric ratios 1:9 and   2:8 results in formation of ordered nanodimpled surfaces with   40−55 nm pore diameters over the potential range 10−20 V. The   addition of 5−10% of either ethylene glycol (EG) or dimethyl   sulfoxide (DMSO) to the HF and H2SO4  aqueous electrolytes resulted in the formation of Ta oxide   nanotube arrays up to 20   μm thick, either securely anchored to the underlying Ta film or   as robust free-standing membranes, as dependent upon the   anodization time and applied voltage.

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