Aaron Kunzer - Discovery and Structure-Activity Relationship of Antagonists of B-Cell Lymphoma 2 Family Proteins with Chemopotentiation Activity in Vitro and in Vivo

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      Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2006, 49, 1165-1181.

      Michael D. Wendt, Wang Shen, William J. McClellan, Milan Bruncko,   Thorsten K. Oost, Hong Ding, Mary K. Joseph, Haichao Zhang, Paul   M. Nimmer, Shi-Chung Ng, Alexander R. Shoemaker, Andrew M.   Petros,, Anatol Oleksijew, Kennan Marsh, Joy Bauch, Tilman   Oltersdorf, Barbara A. Belli, Darlene Martineau, Stephen W.   Fesik, Saul H. Rosenberg, Steven W. Elmore


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