Hiroshi Saeki - Vacuum gauge cable with long-term resistance to radiation

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      Publication Details (including relevant citation   information):

      Radiat. Meas. 41 Supplement 2, S271 - S273 (2006).

      This article was presented at the 3rd International Workshop on   Radiation Safety of Synchrotron Radiation Sources, SPring-8,   Hyogo, Japan, 2006.

      keywords: Radiation damage; Long-term resistance; Vacuum gauge   cable; Glass-fiber; Electron storage ring; Cobalt 60 source


      After 426 Ah (0.55 MGy) of operation in the SPring-8 storage   ring, vacuum gauge cables were found to be damaged by radiation.   To obtain a vacuum gauge cable resistant to long-term radiation,   a vacuum gauge cable insulated with glass–fiber, which had an   electric and mechanical quality better than that of a mineral   insulated vacuum gauge cable, was newly designed and tested. As   the result, the quality of the newly designed vacuum gauge cable   remained unchanged after irradiation of about 1 MGy using a   cobalt 60 source.

      Address (URL): http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1350448707000261