Hiroshi Saeki - Vacuum gauge self-compensating external environment in the SPring-8 storage ring

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      J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 18(1), 244 - 247 (2000).


      07.30.DzVacuum   gauges

      29.20.dbStorage   rings and colliders


      Some Bayard–Alpert gauges mounted on crotch chambers in the   SPring-8 storage ring have indicated negative pressures at stored   electron beam currents more than 5 mA. Simple measurements have   shown that the negative pressure indications of these vacuum   gauges are caused by influx of photoelectrons to their   collectors. In order to measure the pressure in such a vacuum   environment, the authors propose a vacuum gauge which   self-compensates for photoelectrons from the external vacuum   environment. The gauge has an added correcting electrode which   detects the photoelectron current, only from the external   environment, and then compensates to show the real pressure from   the measured ion current of the gauge collector.

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